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The Apple House
Apple House

Holiday Hours:

Tuesday 9-6

Wednesday 9-6


Friday-Sunday 9-6

A Real Farm Market

Mapleside's Apple House is a real farm market featuring fresh homegrown produce in season and a variety of delicious groceries and candies.

We specialize in growing the Melrose apple – the official apple of the state of Ohio and the inspiration behind the Melrose Grille. The Melrose is a cross between Red Delicious and Jonathon and is excellent for both cooking and eating.

In the Apple House you'll find:

- Apples, of course! We have over 20 different crisp and juicy varieties.

- Fresh-pressed apple cider to sample or to take home.

- Apple butter, jams, jellies and specialty food items.

- Our own homemade Apple Butter Barbeque Sauce – it's great on ribs, chicken, hamburgers and for dipping! You can purchase it at our online store.

- Fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

And in the fall we have tons of corn stalks, straw bales, gourds and fall decorations. You can even pick-your-own pumpkins!

Don't forget that we offer beautiful fruit gift baskets and apple boxes to be shipped anywhere in the country.

Seasonal Produce is listed below:

June: strawberries

July: corn on the cob, blueberries, raspberries

August: peaches, apples

September: apples, plums, grapes

October: apples