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Grape Expectations: a Unique Winery & Dining Experience is Coming!

Kelly, the boys, and I are super excited to bring this to life!

The Winery at Mapleside should be open summer 2024, and we are going to do this in a couple of phases.


The first phase will be using all the current buildings we have on the property. The Lodge will be the main winery and will feature full-service food and drink.


The Bakery will reopen, and the Apple house will be converted into The Cider House, which will be a fast-casual type of establishment.


We are also planning to add a new outdoor feature called The Grove.


We are planting over seven different varieties of grapes, and relaunching our hard cider affectionately called Johnny Juice.

A ton of work, but we feel very good about the implementation of this idea and how it will enhance the farm in many different ways, long-term.

If you know anyone who loves wine and loves people we are going to be building out the whole team over the next couple of months so send them our way!



Thanks and we appreciate the support! More details to follow on the winery and the eatery!!

- Greg Clement

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